Industrial Boilers


In this combustion system, coal moves into the furnace with the speed of rotation of the grid from the service bunker through the grid. At first, the coal starts to release its moisture when it comes into the furnace, then begins to gase up with increase the temperature, releases volatile-combustible hydrocarbons and completes the burning of fixed carbon in the further part of the grid. All components of the coal continue to burn until the end of the grid.

The amount of residual slag is very small because the burning is complete and it falls out into the slag tank and moved out.

Charging of the coal to the bunker, ensure the burning and discharge of the slags are performed by PLC automation system. In this way, both high efficiency combustion and very low emission values are achieved.


According to the needs, proportional work possibilities and high efficiency can be maintained by solid fuel fired systems through the moving grate burning system. Burning operation can take place completely in water tube combustion chamber in which the moving grate is installed.

Heat conduction is maintained in water tube combustion chamber by radiation and in furnace by convection.

Smoke that occurs by burning gets trough the furnace and ash particles are separated from the funnel gas at multi-cyclone and the funnel gas is thrown away in acceptable limitations of the air quality protection regulation.


The hot gases which are consist as a result of combustion pass through the first pass combustion chamber and they return to the second smoke pipes and they are moved to the front. The gases passing through the front smoke chamber are collected here and directed to the cyclone. Once it leaves from the cyclone, goes to the chimney and thrown out from here.

Because it works with the top firing principle, the coal burns completely and pollutes the environment in minimum.

The boiler feeding water is being prepared in the front furnace and this high temperature water is sent to the boiler. In this way, fast steam production is provided.

Because of the fuel loading to the boiler is made by helix, combustion occurs at the bottom. By this means, complete combustion occurs, unburned coal particles do not spread around.