Other Auxiliary Equipments

In Industrial where steam is used as a heating fluid, steam leaves most of heat to the system and returns to a tank, which is called " condensing tanks". Hot water is sent to the boiler later.

Since it is a closed system, there is no leak of steam to outside. This means, there is no heat loss. Because feed water is kept in condensing tank without losing heat, the amount of heat which is required to heat water in the tank decreases.

In general terms, these are known as stock tank, gas-liquid or liquid-liquid separation tanks.
HİSARMAK produce special tanks in accordance with the usage characteristics and in horizantal, vertical or prismatic shapes in required quality and standarts.
This machine allows burning of large coal in steam boilers by sieving and crushing.
Conveyors are used to carry of loads and materials from air or ground and they work closed circuit. They are produced with chain, banded, slati flex or telescopic according to the material type.
In order to increase surface enhancement and keep passing time longer, these helical pipes are used to delivere steam or water. Serpentines are used in sulfur burning, heat boilers and heat exchangers.

1-200 ton/h kapasite aralığında Su Yumuşatma Sistemleri üretimi yapılmaktadır.
Su yumuşarma sistemleri ürünlerinde Aqualine, Dowex ve Bayer marka reçineler kullanılmaktadır. Ürettiğimiz su yumuşatma sistemler, uzun servis süresi ve düşük tuz tüketim özelliklerine sahiptir.
Manuel ve otomatik çalışma seçeneğine ve uzaktan izlenebilme ve kontrol edebilme özelliklerine sahiptir.
Tank içi kaplamaları Epoksi veya CTP ile yapılmaktadır.
Sistem yüzey borulaması PVC, Galvanizli veya Paslanmaz seçenekleri tercihe göre yapılmaktadır.
Sistem kontrol valanaları pnömatik veya elektrik aktuatörlü, paslanmaz klepeli olarak kullanılmaktadır.
Ürün suyu debi kontrolü ONLINE olarak yapılmaktadır.
Sertlik ölçümü manuel veya online olarak ölçülebilir.
Sistemde katı veya sıvı tuz kullanılabilmektedir.
Üretimlerimizde klasik su yumşatmalarının dışında özel üretim su yumuşatma sistemleri üretimi yapılmaktadır.

Öne Çıkan Özellikler

  • CE Belgesi
  • Uzaktan izleme ve yönetim
  • Düşük atık su sarfiyatı
  • 1-200 ton/h ile geniş opsiyonda kapasite seçimi
  • Uzun servis süresi ve düşük tuz tüketimi
  • İhtiyaca göre özel üretim seçeneği
  • Yurtiçi ve yurtdışı servis hizmeti
Also, our company achieves steam and hot oil installations, compressed air installations, special process applications, storage tanks, cogeneration and trigeneration applications besides all these boilers and auxiliary equipments;

Degreaser Tanks are used for the separation of O2, CO2 gases which are present in the boiler feedwater and cause melting & corrosion.

If the boiler feed water oxygen is not purified from these gases, the life of all system is shortened and even in a very short time, corrosions and perforations may occur in the boiler and the deviceand facilities forming the system. Besides this, CO2 causes excessive corrosions especially in the devices using steam and serpentines and in condense pipes.

Each process in which the liquid and gas phases interact; The gas is accompanied by liquid particles. These liquid particles cause inefficiency of the process, loss of product and serious technical damage.
The product that cleans these particles through the gas is called demister.
It is used in pneumatic dust and material transportation, hot gas transportation and fuel burning with large air and gas flows in a very wide capacity range with profile flaps, single or double suction.
It’s designed to transport of dust and granüle materials. They are specially designed according to the materials and capacities to be moved. They’re mostly used in cement, glass, plaster, lime, concrete, grain and food industries.
They are vertical conveyors which allow to transfer of different raw materials, finished or semi-finished products to silos, depots or warehouses at specific heights.
If the cinter is not discharged dry, it can be transferred to a trailer by soaking it with the wetting preparation. Pressurized water is sprayed onto the pheasant as water mist by special nozzles. It is moisturized to prevent muddling and dust formation.
Rotary airlocks are important components of pneumatic conveying, bulk solids handling and batching systems. Rotary airlock is also known as rotary valve, rotary feeder or airlock feeder. The main function of a rotary valve is to control flow of bulk solids from silo, mixer, cyclone or hopper under gravity, pressure and vacuum conditions.